March 8, 2012

Chef Throw Down Competition

Written by: Susan Cope

Chef Michael DeMaria of M Catering

Chefs know what it is like to work under pressure, to face atypical situations and to think on their feet to avoid disaster. But off premise catering chefs hold one of the most challenging positions in the hospitality industry. They combat trials such as inclement weather, missing ingredients, limited equipment, dietary restrictions and power shortages. The assemble artisan cuisine from mobile kitchens set up anywhere from garages to parking lots to dirt fields. They execute five star meals from the battlefield.

On Wednesday, April 4, 2012 the International Special Event Society (ISES) of Arizona, will pit Fabulous Food’s very own Executive Chef Gregory Reynolds against another top caliber catering chef, Michael DeMaria, Chef/Co-Owner of M Catering in a Chef Throw Down Competition hosted a the Sub-zero Wolf Kitchen in Scottsdale, AZ.

Chef Michael DeMaria of M Catering and Chef Gregory Reynolds of Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events will face off to see who can create the perfect artisan dish while being presented with a series of known and unknown culinary challenges. The evening will be hosted by “Grill Maestro”, Craiger Van Zee.

Chef Gregory Reynolds of Fabulous Food

Chef Michael DeMaria of M Catering, Chef/Co-owner
DeMaria is currently chef and co-owner of M Catering, Heirloom Restaurant and 6 Spoons Hospitality. He began his career 34 years ago with an apprenticeship at the “School of Hard Knocks” at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. Since then he has spent years training at highly respected restaurants and resorts such as Westin Hotels, San Fransisco Ritz-Carlton, Lon’s at the Hermosa Inn and Michael’s at the Citadel just to name a few.

Chef Gregory Reynolds of Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events, Executive Chef
Reynolds was born and raised in New England and comes from a family of restaurant owners, chefs and caterers. He began his career in upstate New York with an apprenticeship with Jean Daniel Massoviol at Emily Shaw’s Inn and the Kittle House Inn. After spending 34 years working for the Fairmont Hotels, upscale catering companies and fine dining restaurants, Reynolds gained a breadth of knowledge in the culinary world.

So be sure to come out and see how these two culinary geniuses persevere under pressure and adapt to any and all curve balls that come their way.