February 25, 2015

Sunchokes and Sangria

Written by: Chad

Seasonal Later Winter / Early Spring 2015

The Valley of the Sun has enjoyed a great winter, in fact…almost feels as though it seamlessly leads us into spring.  Our winter boasted fragrant flowers and blooming green trees throughout the mild weeks peppered with the perfect amount of rainy days.  Now that we can put our Super Bowl-Festival-Marathon-Open-Auction season behind us it’s time to deal with our normal day-to-day lives. All those New Year’s resolutions postponed until tailgating officially ends makes us think “Fruits and Veggies” and we know at Fabulous Food what’s in season, what’s really special, what needs to be celebrated before it’s gone until next year.  More importantly, we know how to enjoy it – vegetables and fruits at the height of the season, producing their best flavors.  We can help you build your flavor story with these beauties in mind.

sunchokeLate winter fare lends itself well to the heartier cooking styles of winter while gently easing into the lighter, tenderer bounty of spring. Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes, are less starchy than potatoes but can be prepared much the same way.  Roast or saute them with garlic, olive oil, salt and fresh herbs. They are a refreshing addition to a lighter meal, boasting a sweeter, nuttier flavor and serve as a great stand in for the more traditional potato. Pair them with seasonal mushrooms foraged and sold at your favorite farmers market, in a bisque or a complimentary side dish, we can assure you that you won’t go wrong!

The Sunflower family also offers the prized artichoke, a powerful looking thistle with coveted flavor and texture, divine on its own and a definite crowd pleaser when combined with cheese and spinach for a creamy dip.  Until recently the Globe artichoke has been what we’ve come to love but now Steve Jordan of Baroda Farms cultivates some of the older varieties more commonly spotted in markets internationally.  sangria-citrusThis time of year offers us the tender most flavorful thistles through late March and they won’t return to the scene until September.  Perfection is achieved when braised with the tender vegetables of spring. Whether introduced through risottos, salads, soups, sides and spreads, the versatile artichoke can lend themselves to all.

We like to integrate the story with every element of a beautiful meal. Use the grape colored Sangria artichokes in your centerpiece, invite your friends over for a tasty Mediterranean inspired meal. Oh…and don’t forget to compliment your centerpiece…we recommend a wonderful White Wine Citrus Sangria celebrating our beautiful harvest of Blood Oranges, Tangelos, Kumquats and more.  And of course, you could leave all the work to us while you sit back, smile and sip your Sangria.

Fabulous Food can bring these flavors from our kitchen to yours…just give us a call.