Emily Phillips

Catering Sales Consultant

With more than 12 years in the food service industry Emily expanded her experience into museum and nonprofit work when she moved to Phoenix from New Hampshire in 2011. Prior to joining the Fabulous Food team Emily was our trusted partner at the Arizona Science Center where she was the Director of Sales.

Over the years Emily discovered her true passion stems from creating memorable experiences – via through delicious food or incredible events, which she believes, go hand in hand.

She’ll say it is corny and sappy, but she absolutely loves LOVE. She cries at each and every wedding and enjoy timeless love stories. She believes it is this passion that helps her pour her all into each and every event she touches.

In her off time Emily truly enjoy sports. She’s a diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan and she loves travel, especially if the destination involves the ocean.

She is a graduate of Keene State College in New Hampshire where she earned a BA in Social Sciences.

A Little More About Emily

1) What is your comfort food?
My mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. 

2) What would your last meal be?
Oysters, seared sea scallops and a slice of pizza from Dan’s Pizza in West Greenwich, RI.

3) What is favorite flavor of ice cream?
It’s between chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla soft serve with hot fudge.

4) What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Shopping or The Real Housewives

5) What is your favorite form of exercise?
Running. I’ve completed two half marathons and enjoy lifting weights.

6) Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Ariel from The Little Mermaid

7) Do you prefer your peanut butter smooth or crunch?
Smooth though don’t discriminate against almond butter, PB2, cookie butter.

8) What is the number one most played song on your iPod?
Can’t pick just one – but I love country and classic rock.